Our largest room looking out on to the park, with a separate entrance, new Memory Foam overlay queen bed, and an extra wide single bed and a comfortable armchair with ottoman. Three adults can sleep in comfort. More of Ed’s dad’s art work on the walls. He was a man of many talents. He made looms and spinning wheels, lassoes and lace and even worked on the atomic bomb in Oak Ridge Tennessee.

The Paris Room has its own ensuite bathroom. Remember to take short showers, as Ardrossan is dependent on rainwater. You can drink it, just don’t waste it. See the buckets to save the shower water for the garden? Plants like rain water much better than the bore water. Just tip the buckets on the garden out your door. See, you are doing your bit to help conserve Australia’s water. I hope you are doing this back home!

Just down the hallway is the library. Here you will find a round table and chairs and hundreds of books and games.

The door to your right is the laundry/kitchenette with a fridge to cool your milk, beer and wine, a jug for tea and coffee. Open the cupboard and you will find the cups, tea and coffee, sugar etc. The milk is in the fridge. How about a welcoming cuppa? Open the biscuit barrel and help yourself. There is a big bowl of fruit to tempt you too. Notice the two terrific pieces of handmade stained glass. The kitchenette is equipped with sink, microwave, cutlery, crockery and wine glasses. We have made the laundry a combined kitchen/laundry so guests can prepare small meals. More self contained if we have one couple or two couples who know one another. Help yourself if you need to iron something to wear for a night on the town with your friends as an ironing board is provided. Here is the sink where you can wash cups and glasses.

Walk out on to the verandah and relax into one of the extra comfortable chairs for a read. Maybe a soak in the heated spa or a swim later if the weather is warm enough. The pool is solar heated and open from October to May. The grapevine covered verandah is usually warm enough for sitting out most of the year.

Come into the guest dining room. Would you mind terribly removing your shoes on this white carpet? I know, what were we thinking? The house was unfinished double brick when we bought it and very dark, so trying to lighten it, we added this carpet which is rather hard to keep clean with all the wildlife outside. This dining table belonged to Susan’s mum and dad. The buffet on the left was made by Ed’s dad in 1935, as well as our dining room table and the four poster new Memory foam queen bed in the Tapestry room. See the wrought iron surrounding the paintings of Australian native birds? And the wrought iron mirror and firescreen featuring Adam and Eve? All done by Susan’s dad who with her mum and Susan moved to Mudgee as the veterinary inspector in 1961. Lots of antiques here in your guest sitting room. The bears are part of Susan’s Vermont Teddy Bear collection. Only mother bear could get away with wearing that mink complete with head and claws! Her babies are snug in a 1776 cradle that still has the old milk paint on it. The fireplace features a jetmaster woodburning insert. Here you can relax with a glass of wine and watch the TV or one of our dvds, videos or listen to some CDs. We hope you will enjoy them as we do. We have added the reverse cycle airconditioners to every room as the cleanest and most convenient way to heat and cool the b&b. Please turn off the lights and the airconditioner when you go to bed.

More Vermont teddy bears at the front door of the bed and breakfast sitting on the Spanish lounge. Open the front door and you will find the path to the parking area and the parklike garden where the ibis and kangaroos often roam.

Lets show you the rest of the bed and breakfast.

Should You Use a Dental Payment Plan?

Should You Use a Dental Payment Plan?

Should You Use a Dental Payment Plan?

Dentistry can be expensive, but the right dental payment plan can help you get the care you need at a price you can afford. Here we’re going to talk about the upsides of using a dental payment plan, a couple alternatives and how to know if it’s right for you, so let’s get started.

Should You Use a Credit Card to Pay for Dental Care?

Credit cards can be a great way to pay for your dental care, but you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Before you use a credit card, check:
Interest rates: Anything over 12% for medical debt is just too much.
Debt to Credit Ratio: Do you have enough credit available on this card to use it for something else? Enough credit to cover you in case you miss a payment and get a late fee?
If you don’t have much credit available or the interest rate is too high, you’ll want to consider using another kind of dental payment plan.

Healthcare Credit Cards Can Help

If your regular credit card won’t do, you can always opt for a health care credit card instead. These are a special type of dental payment plan, with low interest rates but heavy penalties for late payment.
Look for low APRs and make sure you make above the minimum payment to keep your debt manageable.

Healthcare Installment Loans Can be a Good Choice, Too

The last option for a dental payment plan at medipay.com.au can be a healthcare installment loan. These can come from lending companies but some dentists offer them, too. You’ll want to make sure that you opt for a good payment schedule, fixed interest rates and keep on top of things.
When it comes to choosing the right dental payment plan, weigh your options and choose carefully – you’ll be paying for some time to come.


Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers
If you’ve ever seen a big ship go by with a lot of cargo, then more than likely you’ve seen shipping containers. These containers are large in size and range from 20 feet to 40 feet in length and may be multiple colors. These containers are used to ship products around the world, but the containers have to go on a ship unless they can go by train or by vehicle. Those who are shipping overseas will use a ship to take the shipping containers, which means that the shipping time can be longer and a slower process than any other shipping method.

The biggest reason why people love shipping containers is because of the fact that they can hold a lot of goods and are lower in price than shipping by any other means. Since it’s possible to fill a 20-foot container with a vehicle as well as with many other items, the same cost to ship the items singly would be thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars, whereas a shipping container has one single price to ship all the items. ANL Shipping containers can ship any and everything you can think of, including furniture, clothes, food, cars, and other vehicles.

Even when shipping containers get old, they can still be useful because of the sturdiness of the container, which means they can be used when building a house, which can withstand an earthquake, tornadoes, hurricanes and more. Houses that are made from a shipping container can be found all over the Caribbean and even in other parts of the world. Those interested in using shipping containers to ship products should talk to local shipping companies to ask how much to fill up a single container and to ship it to certain parts of the world.